There are a lot of things money can get that will make me feel satisfied, but there isn’t a lot of things money can do that will keep my happy. I have the people I love who will stay by my side whether I have money or not and vice versa. I’ve realized that, as I got older, I have really started to appreciate the little things and not expect the materialistic wants of my life anymore. You see, that’s all money gives you – materialistic wants, needs, and a false sense of protection.

I once watched a documentary about the happiest people alive and there was a lot of interviews about people who didn’t make a lot of money, but they were happier than the persons who were wealthy and living the “dream.” It made me reflect on my future career, and why?

I want to be a teacher, but is the pay good? No, of course not.Teachers are also currently getting a bad rep but that’s a conversation for a different time. What I want to say is that teachers don’t get paid a lot. I don’t want to teach for the money. I want to teach for the relationships I’ll build with students and the opportunities I’ll have to teach them about literature (I want to teach Language Arts). It’s not about the money.

All of this money-talk, well, it can’t give me the relationships I want and need in my life, or the relationships I already have. If money is a a large factor in which you have a relationship with another person, whether they provide it or you provide it, I would recommend rethinking the relationship. Is this what you really want? Are you truly happy? Why does this person truly make you want to be in a relationship with him/her, be it as a significant other, a friend, etc.?

As an ending note, I would like to say that, although money is nice and can get me nice things and my family, friends, significant other, nice things, I would prefer having my relationship with them above all else. I know that money isn’t the driving factor for our relationships and that makes me happy. Money can’t get me what I already have with the people in my life.

(So, just as a note, this is a challenge I took/am doing from BayArt. It’s a 30 day challenge where you potentially become a better blog author. )

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