Day 4: 2 Simple Tips to Deal With The Future

When I say “the future,” it means long-term goals or what you’re expecting in the future. I really struggle with patience for the future. I also tend to worry about the future, too. What will happen? How will it happen? Where will I be? Where will my family be? What will I be doing? What if nothing goes according to plan? What then?

I realize that I’m just going at this in a broad sort of perspective, but I’ll be getting somewhere. Don’t worry! Just hang in there. I have a couple of tips for the people who worry and fret over the future. Easy said, than easy done, right? So, these are my tips:

  • Be patient. Now, even I struggle with that. I don’t want to be patient, to be honest. I can be very impatient at times. I want the future to happen now, because I expect happy things to happen, but I have to understand that it takes time. One day soon, rather than one day later; and
  • Appreciate the present. That’s something I really need to work on – accept that the future won’t be happening with a snap of my fingers. I’ve got to stick with the present and think about what’s happening now. We’ve all got to appreciate what we have while we have it.

Those are just two small tips. Just understanding that I need to be patient and appreciate the present helps me fretting too much over the future. I know that I still worry about it, and wonder, but it’ll come in due time. Until then, I can slack off in my worry with patience and appreciation.

Overall, I believe that all you need is the right mindset. Find things that take your mind off of the future, relax a little, and then you can just let things fall into place. What I gave you all are, really, two simple tips. Like most simple things, it’s usually easier said than done. If this post doesn’t help you, I totally understand, but this is what helps me when I worry way too much over the future.



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