Day 7: 5 Ways to Clear Your Mind

So, hello everyone! It has been a very long while since I have written a blog. Honestly, the reason why I stopped blogging was because of the prompt for Day 7. The prompt is: __ Creative Ways to Declutter Your Life. It’s because (1) I don’t know how to do that and (2) I feel my way of decluttering my life is being stalled right now, because I have been waiting to move out of my parents’ house for years, and I’m still in the process of that. I’m only twenty-two, but I know that I have a few years left before I can fully start working on ways to declutter my life.

However, I can give some advice on how to clear your mind. I feel as though it’s some sort of decluttering of something in your life and, in this aspect, decluttering is equivalent to clearing whereas mind is equivalent to life (only in this instance, since I don’t know how to declutter your life). I’m not sure how effective it will be for others, but these ways seriously help me with my mind.

I find myself consistently thinking about things and jumping from one thought to another. Sometimes, there is so much going on in my head that I cannot sleep for an hour or two. Sometimes, there is so much noise outside my head that I can’t connect one thought coherently to another. So, here are some ways that I deal with all of these problems:

  • Pray. Ultimately, I pray. I am a Christian and praying to God, letting everything out in my head, helps me clear my mind and find me some peace before I sleep.
  • Meditate. I meditated often when I used to do Tai Chi. This really cleared my mind, however, I only meditated while I did the stretches for Tai Chi. I forgot what the stretches are… but clearing your mind is a major goal for that, if I remember correctly.
  • Write. Writing things down when my mind is feeling very cluttered, or as if there is so much happening in one single time, really helps me clear my mind. I start with what’s been popping up in my head so often throughout the day, and everything comes easily. When one idea is prominent and I write that out, the next idea comes out just as easily, and so on and so forth. It’s really a release for me.
  • Earbuds/Headphones. This helps me a lot when there are outside noises that drill into my brain that ceases me from being able to concentrate. I don’t even need to plug them in an electronic. I just put it in to pretend there’s some sort of barrier between me and whomever/whatever is causing me to not be able to concentrate. It helps me focus my mind and focus myself.
  • Think. Sometimes, the best way to clear your mind is to just think. I like to lay down or do mindless actions like cooking and doodling, while I think. Thinking and not doing much helps me. I don’t do this for a long time, mind you, because time can go by quickly and I could waste a day away, but I do do this for ten to fifteen minutes. Sometimes, if I need to, I’ll go for thirty minutes. If that still doesn’t work, I either pray, meditate, write, or put those earbuds/headphones in.

So, you must be asking yourself: Why clear my mind and will these tips even help me? In all honesty, they might help you but it’s up to you on finding ways to help you clear or declutter your mind. It took me a couple of years to find ways to clear my mind. Also, in answer to why clearing your mind is important – it always always ALWAYS made me feel refreshed and more positive. I always feel a sense of calm, I worried less, I stressed less, and I honestly felt a bit happier than before I did any of these actions.

So, find your calm. Find a way to get a peace of mind. Hopefully these tips will help you as they have helped me.


Until next time,



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