Day 11: 4 Hard Truths You Need To Know To Be Stronger

It has been a couple of days since I have last blogged. I put that solely up to my wanting to shop and not making time to blog. I will quickly try to adapt to blogging on the daily. It did run across my mind but I had not touched any electronics, aside from my phone (from time to time) these past two days. Okay, you caught me. I touched my laptop yesterday, just to do homework, and then I forgot about blogging and realized before bed that I should blog, but I fell asleep.

I just want to put up a disclaimer – although I know what to say, how to say it, and how I should probably act up and take my own advice, I still struggle a lot with each and every post theme/idea/whatever I write.

Anyway! Onto Day 11. I will be talking about some hard truths I experienced while going through tough times and how it made me stronger.

  • Independence is key. Don’t be dependent on others. It’s okay to ask for help, but it isn’t okay to solely depend on a single person to help you. I have a hard time with this because my parents have always made the decisions for me, telling me what to do. I am highly dependent on my parents, friends, and significant other. I am slowly becoming more independent and understanding the difference between help and sole dependence on others.
  • Be decisive. Make your own decisions. Again, this goes back to my childhood. My parents always made my decisions. I am very indecisive. The hardest situations require your own personal decision because if you don’t decide, you might regret not having made the choice. It’s a chance you have to take.
  • Believe in yourself. Stay strong. Don’t put yourself on the short end of the stick (or whatever that phrase is).  If you honestly want to get through tough times and be strong, you need to know that you can do itDon’t be afraid to take some chances.
  • Sometimes, you’ve just got to fight. That’s simply put. Sometimes, it’s not “fighting” but sticking up for what you believe in.

So, these are the things I [try] to keep in mind during the tough times. My tough times come and go and change or remain the same at different intervals, but I have to remind myself that I can’t go jumping the bandwagon and complain about every little thing, or wail that nothing is going right for me. I can’t seek attention and accept a pity-party that surrounds me. It’s not all about me, me, me. (Well, it kind of is if I want to get stronger – because it’s about how you deal with things. But you get what I mean, right?)

Be sure you have people who support you, standing with you or staying by your side. I did talk about being independent, but knowing whom you can depend on and having help for tough times is good. Don’t deny every person who wants to help you (unless they’re being slightly demeaning), but accept the help when you know you need it most.




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