Day 14: 4 Unhealthy Habits I Need to Break

Along with the routines I have established, there are unhealthy habits that I have:

  • Cracking my knuckles. I’ve heard it’s bad for you. I do it every now and then – not as often as I used to when I was in middle school.
  • Rubbing my face. I like a clean face and rubbing my face with my hands quite often throughout the day is not something that is healthy, per se. Sometimes I go about not touching my face but, most of the time, I end rubbing my cheek or forehead.
  • Grinding my teeth. I don’t grind it often but I feel myself biting nothing in my mouth quite often. Sometimes, I try to look in the positive light – at least I’m not chomping my teeth on nothing now!
  • Slouching. Slouching is bad form and sitting up straight is better form. I’ve noticed that pilates helps me keep a better form while standing. As did playing an instrument. Now I don’t play an instrument and I do pilates every now and then.

These are the only unhealthy habits I can think of right now, because, while I was writing, I did each of these. The thing is – sometimes, I don’t notice unhealthy habits I do. I only notice them when I’m aware of it. With each of the unhealthy habits I did, I made myself stop.

The first step to stopping unhealthy habits is to be aware. The second step is to act upon it, like to stop cracking your knuckles, or rubbing your face, right when you realize you’re doing it. The third step is to keep it in mind. After that, hopefully you’ll stop the unhealthy habits. It won’t happen quickly, but eventually – gradually – it will recede.



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