Day 15: 2 Things I love About Myself

A few of my most-used words right now is mindfulness and reflection only because I feel like those are some key things to do on a daily basis. However, one word that I would love to have in my most-used words, or something consistently on my mind, is self-compassion and the ability to accept and love myself. Today’s topic will thoroughly help me overall because I don’t think about what I love about myself often. I think about what I love about the people around me and even the world. I rarely think about what I love about myself because I feel like that is entirely selfish. Before I do anything remotely for me, I should think about others, God, education, etc. ahead of me. Everyone and anything before me, always. Thinking about myself and what I love about myself – not being able to drop anything because I want to do something that want to do? It’s not something I want to think about, really.

With this reflection and blog post, maybe things will change. Slowly but gradually.

What do I love about myself? 

  • My capability of accepting people and seeing the good in them.
  • My stubbornness in believing in my dreams and going for them; knowing that I will eventually do as I dream. Along with this, I yearn for people to go for their dreams. I will always 100% support anyone going for their dreams. And if you don’t go for your dreams due to certain events in life, and so on, so forth, I will still fully support your decisions.

Honestly, those are only two things I absolutely know I love about myself. Maybe, one day I’ll be able to talk about it more thoroughly but, for now, I can’t find anything else. I feel like talking about what I love about myself isn’t only just selfish but pig-headed. “Who cares what I love about myself?” is what I wonder, because it doesn’t seem that important to me. Or, rather, it is important, to an extent, but I am not there with myself yet. So, with that, I’ll have to end my blog post here.



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