Day 18: 4 Perfect Things

Honestly, these four things I’m going to talk about aren’t perfect in the least, but they are definitely pretty amazing, despite the lack of perfectness!

So, what are the three perfect things I’m talking about?

I want to talk about what makes life beautiful. These four things consistently make life beautiful for me:

  1. God. He certainly makes things more beautiful in life, and makes me consistently grateful for the days I have and the days to come.
  2. Family. Honestly, the family you have, whether blood-related or those people who aren’t blood-related yet you still call them family, they are all things that make life beautiful because of the bonds you have with them.
  3. Friends. Enough said, pretty much. They’re you’re there for you, second your family, or before your family.
  4. Significant Other. This person makes you happy! They make your day!


Neither of any one of them is perfect (except for God – conversation for another time that I probably won’t talk about), but they all have one thing in common – their imperfectness is okay. It’s the bonds that matter. Strong bonds help you get through life. I know that these bonds are something I hold dearly to myself, long for, and am extremely thankful that each of these persons are in my life.



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