Day 19: 5 Ways to Pick Yourself Back Up

Right now, I’m in the need to pick myself back up. I can feel myself experiencing joy, enjoying a day, being happy, every now and then, but, lately, I’ve been more on the downside. I know it’s due to stress and the struggles I’m personally dealing with right now, but I don’t like to be like this.

So, I have to think about ways that will help me pick myself back up and maybe it’ll help you pick yourself back up, too.

Well, here goes. Here are some ways that I’ve thought will help me pick myself back up, and hopefully you:

  1. Clear your mind. I honestly believe that clearing your mind will be a great first step to picking yourself back up. When you clear your mind you clear away the bad or good emotions or you can focus on a certain emotion you want to feel. It’s beneficial to learn how to clear your mind since it’ll help you.
  2. Think about the positives. I know it’s hard to think about the positives when you’re feeling down, but it’s helpful! Learn to be more positive or optimistic. Right now, I’m feeling down for multiple reasons but I know that life isn’t going to end or be horrible. I’m just feeling the now and I want to feel better right now, rather than down.
  3. Get going with your routine. Be productive. Don’t give up on anything during the times you need a pick-me-up. Get up and do your thing! Don’t stop, keep going. You may not feel up to it, you may need a break, but don’t give yourself too long of a break. Get going!
  4. Do your hobby. I hope everyone has a hobby. Mine are reading, drawing, and writing. Doing any of these three hobbies help me feel better because it’s something I enjoy to do. If you don’t think you have a hobby, or know you don’t, think of something that you enjoy doing – like gaming, cooking, or even cleaning – if you spend an hour or two doing that (please don’t waste a day away by doing something enjoyable. You still want to be productive!) then you’ll feel much better, as I have found with myself.
  5. Work out. I recommend working out for thirty minutes. If you can’t, aim for ten to twenty minutes. Go walking, find some work-out videos on Youtube, or a work-out schedule on Instagram or Pinterest. There are many places to find work-out ideas and you don’t have to go to the gym or outside to do them! You don’t always need equipment, you just need your body.

As I think about what I usually do to pick myself up, I find that I also have unhealthy habits in which I do to pick myself up. Sometimes, I waste the day away by going on Facebook and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, or I just watch TV shows the entire day, not being productive. I need to find ways to stop that and do things that will truly help me pick myself back up.

 I hope these things will help someone in some way. 




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