Day 20: 5 Things I Wish You Knew About Me

When I first meet people, there are plenty of things that I wish they knew of me before they start making their assumptions. This reminds me of the TedTalk called “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I put the link to her TedTalk because I absolutely love what she has to say and I always enjoy watching this TedTalk. For some reason, I have watched this TedTalk about six to eight times in five years because of the classes I have, the programs I was in, and the student group meetings I attended where they all referred to this TedTalk and showed it.

The reason why this topic reminds me of Adichie’s talk is because people shouldn’t judge people due to a single story. What people should do is swallow those single stories, let it come out, and then get to know someone, rather than judging them. However, that’s not reality. I really wish it were, but (I’m gonna go ahead and say this) everyone has an assumption or two about people whom they meet.

If this were possible – before people met me – I would love for them to know this:

  1. I’m a chatterbox. Upon the initial meeting I’m a very timid person and I don’t talk much. When I get to know people, I get more open.
  2. I’m introverted. It doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say. I always have something to say but, sometimes, I get scared of speaking my mind.
  3. I’m insecure. It’s why I get scared of speaking my mind.
  4. I’m an open-book. I like to be honest. If people ask me a question, I am more than willing to answer.
  5. I love being around people. I may be quiet but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being there.

I know that it may seem otherwise when you first meet me, but I’m actually pretty quirky. I mean, I am definitely awkward when you first meet me, and when you get to know me, but I am not shy after the first few months of getting to know you. 🙂



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