Day 23: 3 Simple Ways to Maintain Balance In Your Life

I realize that, although this is a 30 day challenge I have been making very slow progress, going back and forth to completing and incompletion these blogs. This (and here I tie in the main idea of this blog) is because I have been lacking a sort of balance in my life.

So, what are some simple ways to maintain balance in my life, and maybe yours?

  1. Reflecting. I think I say this often but I find reflection a very strong way to be mindful and mindfulness is an act of balance. Reflecting on the day’s events, what I’ve said and done, helps me realize what I am lacking or what I am progressing in. It’s helpful to reflect. You don’t have to reflect for a long time; it can just take a minute or two. I know, for me, that it varies, depending on the day that I have. It can be a minute to thirty minutes. The less or more the time doesn’t infract on my reflection.
  2. Mindfulness. Be mindful of others and be open-minded. This is also something that I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. I find it very important to be mindful overall because I tend to feel more at peace with myself and with my relationships with others.
  3. Healthy lifestyle. Okay, I struggle with this one. But the one time I was very fit and living a healthy lifestyle was when I was running on endorphins and being very pleased with myself and others. I wasn’t as snappy nor moody. This is something I need to get back in. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean eating healthy or working out and getting skinny. It means getting the body that best fits you. It means being healthy by eating what treats your body well. It means being the you that lets you be you and lets you feel at peace with mind. It means being content with what you have and being happy.

Once I found balance but it’s like I’m on a tightrope. I easily lost my balance and I’m struggling to find it again. So, until then, I will work to finding more balance within my life.




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