Day 25: 3 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

What does it mean to nurture your soul?

Well, I would say that nurturing your soul is creating some balance for yourself. You’re more accepting of yourself, you love yourself more, and there’s more self-compassion. It doesn’t mean your mind is solely on yourself but that nurturing your soul extends to how you treat the people around you – family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, and so on.

Now, what are some ways to nurture your soul?

  1. Be mindful. I always, always, always say this, because I find it very important to be mindful, open-minded, and to look at every perspective. Those two descriptions after “mindful” is what I find what mindfulness means to me.
  2. Be positive. Try and look at the pros for things. Don’t always focus on the cons or negatives. Always look for that silver-lining. This will potentially nurture your soul by making you see a better outlook in life, your choices, and decisions.
  3. Meditate. As I have mentioned before – meditating for me is praying or Tai Chi. It calms my mind and I always reflect as I pray. While I do Tai Chi, I empty my mind and calm my body.

These are the only ways I can think of to nurture my soul. I know that there must be more ways, but this is what it sums up to for me.

Until next time!



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