Day 27: 2 Things You Could do to Make Your Day More Meaningful

I have been having a pretty good week so far. It may be hump day but the week is going well and I can see it going better, despite all the little bits where I may have naturally befallen the “Oh, my life sucks” regime. However, I moved past those moments and remained positive and happy! This leads to the tips – how can you make your day more meaning?

  1. Be Positive. I always say this, but being positive is definitely on the top tier on how to make your day more meaningful. Despite the little nuances that may occur, always look for that silver lining.
  2. Remain Engaged. So, what does this mean? Well, if you stay at an arms length from everything and your mind isn’t into whatever is going on through your day, what do you feel in the end? For me, personally, I feel lazy and unproductive. When I do engaging activities, like drawing, reading, writing, or even attending a class with a nicely lit room, I tend to find myself participating with the activity which brings meaning to my day.

So, there are two things that really sum up on how I make my day more meaningful. It’s not every day that I do it, but it is something that I find myself doing every now and then. I love the days when I am positive and engaged. It makes me feel productive, happy, and like my week is going on a great track.



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