Day 28: 5 Essential Values to Live By

Honestly, the prompts seem like they’re getting repetitive. Or, it’s just me who’s getting repetitive. I’m kind of simple if you get deep with me. So, if you’ve been reading the blogs from day 1, you’re probably going to know which values I think is essential to live by:

  1. Positivity.
  2. Mindfulness.
  3. Optimism.
  4. Faith.
  5. Hope.

I feel like you should all know the first three by now, but what about faith and hope?

Well, I chose faith because I have a relationship with God and I have learned that faith is a part of that relationship. Since faith is a significant part of the relationship that I have with God, it bounces off to the other relationships in my life and my ultimate outlook in life: Have faith and keep strong.

Now, I also chose hope because hope is something I have for every single day of the year. I do not go a day without having hope. Hope is always there inside me, no matter how small. It’s what lifts me out of my moods and keeps me uplifted. Hope is always there with me.




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